The Valisure Team


Valisure’s mission is patient advocacy, consumer protection, and performing advanced research and development to support these endeavors and bring the benefits direct to consumers. Valisure is launching America’s first pharmacy to chemically validate all its products and do so at no additional cost to consumers.



Friends since their Yale days, founders Adam Clark-Joseph and David Light reconnected after Adam suffered serious complications caused by batch variability of his anticonvulsant medication. Shocked that adequate safe guards weren’t in place, he was determined to create a solution. Adam reached out to David, who had a deep background in technology development, in the hopes of forging a path forward. Upon further research, they began to grasp the magnitude and pervasiveness of the problem throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Adam and David brought together a team of like-minded scientists, entrepreneurs, and experts to develop and deploy a solution. The result was Valisure, a company dedicated to preventing anyone from suffering adverse effects from subpar medications.



Founder & Chief Executive Officer

David is a biotech entrepreneur and scientist with over 10 years of broad experience in the field. A graduate of Yale University, David studied molecular biology and has worked in a variety of scientific and business roles at start-ups like Synthetic Genomics, 454 Life Sciences and Ion Torrent. At Ion, David developed key technologies that led to its $725M acquisition and ran its flagship technology programs through development and global commercialization. David is named inventor on numerous patents, published in journals including Nature and cover of Electrophoresis, serves on multiple boards for community organizations and charities and is very passionate about entrepreneurship and improving public health.


Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. David Gortler is a professor of pharmacology, a former FDA medical officer/senior medical analyst and an expert in the area of drug safety, FDA policy, and drug importation. Dr. Gortler has been invited to testify in front of the U.S. Senate as a drug policy expert, FDA expert and pharmacology expert. He was the healthcare/FDA policy advisor to the 2016 Ted Cruz presidential campaign. He has two decades of investigational medicine and drug safety experience, and over a decade of teaching and research at top-tiered medical schools (Yale University, Georgetown University, and George Washington University). Author/co-author of over 50 publications, papers, articles, reviews, clinical protocols and reports in related areas including clinical and non-clinical pharmacology, regulatory affairs, CFR21, FDA policy, drug pricing and drug safety.


Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Kaury Kucera has managed scientific challenges at Yale University as a Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Fellow, and Research Scientist in the Department of Pharmacology. A scientist and problem-solver, Kaury was the research director for a $2.5M HHMI matched grant program and personally oversaw development of 200+ unique assays to investigate bioactive molecules. Kaury has published in many fields including nuclear physics, structural biology, fungal biodiversity, and pharmacology. Kaury brings extensive managerial, educational, and laboratory skills to the Valisure Team and is dedicated to the highest standards of consumer transparency and safety.



Adam is an assistant professor of finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds a PhD in economics from Harvard, a master’s degree from Cambridge, and bachelor’s degrees in math and economics from Yale. Adam was the recipient of a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. His academic research focuses on algorithmic trading, and empirical applications of high-performance computing and novel statistical methods. He has published in top journals, including the Journal of Finance, and the Journal of Financial Economics. Outside his work on economics and statistics, Adam is driven by a long-standing fascination with chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and pharmacology; he leverages techniques and insights from his academic research to develop unorthodox solutions to open problems in these areas.



Bob is Director of Platform Development at Harvard University, responsible for the implementation of commercialization and technology translation strategies, and the management of industry and government relationships that advance various university projects through the patent and licensing process. Bob has expertise in product development, grant and venture capital financing, and business development in a number of medical device and biotechnology markets. His industry experience with Haemonetics, endoVia Medical, RainDance Technologies, and Hemocell includes founder, CEO and other executive roles in companies commercializing innovative technologies. He holds a degree in Biochemistry from the University of California at San Diego and is a member of the Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council, New England Healthcare Industry Group, and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Industry Council.



Wolfgang is a senior director in the Clinical Sequencing Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific with over 16 years of experience in technology development. A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Wolfgang conducted research as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University in Physical Organic Chemistry and Pharmacology and has since been instrumental in the establishment of several companies and research institutes including the Rothberg Institute for Childhood Diseases, Raindance Technologies and Ion Torrent Systems. At Ion, Wolfgang lead technology development teams and coinvented technologies enabling CMOS based DNA sequencing. Wolfgang is passionate about the use of technology to solve problems in public health and is named inventor on 30+ granted patents and 70+ patent applications.