Your local pharmacist has years of training.  They are a great resource to help you with many common problems.  Here are the top questions for your pharmacist:

Can I take this medicine with that medicine?

  • Some drugs will give you bad reactions when taken together.   Ask your pharmacist about drug interactions.

What’s the best over the counter medicine for a rash or an itch?

  • Tell your pharmacist your skin problem.  They will direct you to some over counter products to try.

I have high blood pressure, what cold medicine should I take?

  • Your pharmacist will show you the cold medicines for high blood pressure patients.

I have a fever, what should I take?

  • Your pharmacist can help you.

What are the 10 things I need in my house for first aid?

  • Bandages, gauze, triple antibiotic ointment, what else? Just ask!