…Valisure CEO calls for independent foreign drug tests amid COVID-19

With another quality scandal on its hands with diabetes drug metformin, the FDA could be looking at another global recall of a commonly used med. With COVID-19 challenging the FDA’s ability to keep up with inspections––and potentially putting dangerous drugs in U.S. patients’ hands––is metformin just the beginning?

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed significant flaws in the FDA’s ability to adequately inspect drugs produced by foreign manufacturers and might cause quality concerns in the U.S. supply for years to come, Valisure CEO David Light testified Tuesday during a Senate Finance Committee hearing.

…”Manufacturing problems that arise from the escalated production of drugs [tied to COVID-19] and a lack of FDA inspectors on the ground at foreign plants could produce a domino effect for years to come,” Light said. “The lifecycle of a drug in the supply chain is many years, and it could be many more before significant and serious issues are found, let alone addressed.”

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