Today at HLTH, the Future of Healthcare Conference, we have unveiled our vision for the future of consumer pharmacy service. Our announcement has caught the attention of consumers and industry alike, and the media including Yahoo! FinanceMarketWatch and more.

“The $500B US pharmacy industry is the only consumer market that has been immune from strong consumer demands for transparency and recognizable quality. That is about to change.”

Our Harvard and Yale-trained scientists have developed a novel, laser-based analytical technology that enables us to deliver medications to consumers that are batch-analyzed and validated for quality and consistency. We expect to begin shipping medications to customers in summer, 2018.

We regularly hear from people who feel variability in their medications, but have nothing they can do about it. Because we know first-hand what that kind of inconsistency can do to a person who relies on their medication, we are dedicated to preventing anyone from suffering adverse effects from subpar medications.

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