Novel Laser-Analytics System Enables High Precision and Low Cost

Valisure’s founding team of Harvard- and Yale-trained scientists developed a proprietary laser system for the analysis of medications. This patent-pending technology generates high precision results consistent with industry standard HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography), but retains all the low cost and ease of use benefits of lasers.

An example of the spectral data output for a calibration of a drug at Valisure’s lab:

Each peak corresponds to the vibrational-rotational energy of a different chemical bond in the drug. In short, our method investigates many data points allowing us to very precisely analyze the dosage in a medication”

Valisure Analytics vs. Industry Standard:

Valisure (Laser) Industry Standard (HPLC)
Precision ~0.1% ~0.1%
Analysis Time ~15 minutes ~60 – 120 minutes
New Drug Calibration 1 day ~10 – 30 days
Analysis Cost $10s –$100s $1,000s
Flexibility Run different drugs right after each other Significant effort and cost to change drugs

Calibrations and Drug Focus

All analytical technology must first be calibrated for the substance you want to evaluate. Whereas industry-standard technology often takes a month or more to calibrate a new substance, Valisure’s laser system only takes one day. However, it is still a full day’s worth of work, so Valisure does not yet have calibrations for all FDA-approved drug products. We initially targeted the most widely used drugs, and the drugs for which people report the most problems. Giving Valisure feedback on the drugs you take and the ones you’ve noticed problems with will directly impact which products we offer, and where we focus our consumer protection studies.