Valisure Batch-Certified Hand Sanitizer Products

Valisure is working with manufacturers and labelers to batch-certify their hand sanitizer products. Valisure’s testing of hand sanitizer products includes analysis for toxic impurities and potential carcinogens such as methanol, benzene and acetaldehyde. For more information about Valisure’s independent analysis of  contamination in hand sanitizer, please click here.


Below is a list of companies that Valisure currently works with and includes information on their products as well as where they are available for purchase. This page will be updated regularly.


Products being batch-certified by Valisure include:


Cabinet Hand Sanitizer

Cabinet was built to provide high-quality and fairly priced medicines directly to your door, and wants a smarter health experience entirely – one focused on preparedness, honesty, and sustainability. Cabinet’s mission is to bring fair pricing, convenience, and information to people around everyday, essential medicines.


Cabinet Hand Sanitizer is available for purchase at

PremierRx Hand Sanitizer

PremierRx Wholesale LLC, established in 2017, is a pharmacist focused, independent pharmaceutical wholesale distributor and has earned Drug Distributor Accreditation by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®). PremierRx is a full-service wholesale distributor and logistics company for non-controlled prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs, led by pharmacists who use their pharmaceutical expertise and years of understanding to improve their customer’s overall procurement experience. (blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank blank)
PremierRx Hand Sanitizer can be purchased via wholesale by contacting PremierRx.

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