Valisure Adds Value Throughout Healthcare

Valisure is the leading authority in identifying and addressing medication quality issues. Our high-throughput, high-precision analysis of prescription and OTC products delivers transparent quality assurance, adding value to stakeholders throughout healthcare and the pharma supply chain.

Specific services Valisure offers include:


Wholesale of Certified Products

National Distribution of Certified Products

Through PremierRx’s national wholesale network, Valisure’s certified drug products are available to retail pharmacies, clinics, and health systems at competitive prices. These products come with Valisure’s certificate of analysis that can be given to patients.

Drug Product Certification

An Impactful Quality Differentiator

Valisure can enhance the value and competitive advantage of specific drug products in a market where there is no transparency into quality. Visible quality assurance is impactful not only for individual patients but for enterprise and health system purchasers as well.

Data Index Subscription

Drug Quality Index™

Valisure’s unique datasets and drug quality alerts deliver NDC-specific chemical quality data to help inform purchasing decisions and to receive the latest intelligence on drug quality issues.

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