Drug Product Certification

Using proprietary analytical technologies in addition to standard FDA and USP assays, Valisure can test each lot of drug products at any level of the supply chain, from manufacturers who want to differentiate their generic products from competitors, to retail and hospital pharmacies that see the value of providing patients with Valisure’s unique Certificate of Analysis. Valisure’s independent, third-party certification of API’s, generics, or OTC drug products provides clear, patient-friendly quality assurance and helps to protect health systems against poor quality medications and recalls.

Partnering With Valisure

Quality Differentiation

Valisure can work with companies on certification programs for specific, impactful drugs or entire product lines. Our Certificate of Analysis can be co-branded and included with product packaging.

Additional Layer of Independent Quality Assurance

Our Certification Process

Our high throughput lab process is available to certify almost any medication or drug product and easily layers on top of existing regulatory QC requirements. Valisure’s analytical workflows are optimized for efficiency with 24-48 hour turnaround times.

In The News

Valisure CEO David Light testifies at Senate Finance Committee Hearing on Oversight of the FDA’s Foreign Drug Manufacturing Inspection Process on June 2, 2020

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