Transparency Into Drug Quality

Despite the pervasiveness of drug product problems and the immutable reality that not all drugs are of equal quality, the only drug purchasing information currently available is price and availability. Valisure’s analytical testing, which includes a broad range of quality metrics, produces NDC-specific, chemical quality data that can provide overall guidance and real time alerts to healthcare stakeholders.

Drug Quality Scores, Dashboard & Alerts

Subscription Service

Valisure’s new Drug Quality Index subscription service allows purchasers, payers, health systems and any interested parties access to unique drug quality intelligence derived from Valisure’s highly impactful independent chemical analysis. Subscription services include regularly updated NDC-specific drug quality scores, a dashboard reviewing industry trends and real-time alerts on Valisure’s unique findings.

Actionable Information

Drug Quality Alerts

Valisure’s independent chemical analyses have an established history of generating globally impactful data and reports on drug quality problems. Industry stakeholders and observers who subscribe to Valisure’s Data Quality Index will have direct access to findings from the Valisure lab.

Recognized by Industry

Published Consensus Criteria

Utilizing Valisure’s data, key opinion leaders from eight major healthcare institutions co-authored a scientific publication that proposes a specific strategy to report drug quality scores with a simple red/yellow/green system. This rating system is employed by Valisure data scientists to produce NDC-specific scores for a variety of high-impact drugs.  Learn more

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