We are the pharmacy that checks.

We sell the same meds that all American pharmacies use, but first put the batches through rigorous chemical analysis so the bad batches are screened out. We summarize our analytics in an easy-to-understand certificate of analysis specific to that batch. We are the only pharmacy to do this.

RX Submission

RX Submission
Have your doctor e-Prescribe, call or fax to Valisure.


Delivered to your door with certificate of analysis at no additional cost.

Our Analysis of Medications

Valisure’s DEA and FDA registered, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory analyzes samples from every batch of every medication using a combination of proprietary, laser-based technology and FDA standard techniques.

  • Chemical analysis is performed on samples from every batch of medication we dispense.
  • Each bottle from our pharmacy comes with a certificate of analysis that is specific to each batch.
  • We are the only pharmacy in the US that does this.

Our Process

Valisure runs the first pharmacy in America that is directly connected to an analytical laboratory where every batch of every medication is sampled and chemically tested.

 Global Pharma Industry Bad Batches  A World Class Laboratory A Pharmacy You Can Trust  Global Pharma Industry Bad Batches  A World Class Laboratory A Pharmacy You Can Trust



The $2 Trillion global pharmaceutical industry is extremely complex and products typically touch 10-20 different hands before reaching you.

  • ~80% of ingredients in US medications are manufactured in India or China.
  • Medication batches are rarely tested by anyone other than the original manufacturer who self-reports the results. No American distributor or pharmacy, other than Valisure, chemically analyzes and screens every batch of product they sell.
  • FDA only has resources to spot-check a few dozen medication products
    a year (4.5 billion prescriptions in the US per year).

The pharmaceutical and pharmacy industry is the only retail market that has been immune from strong consumer demands for transparency and recognizable quality. That is about to change.David Light Founder and CEO

Bad Batches

There’s plenty of news about counterfeits, but even getting an authentic medicine does not mean it is quality. Significant variability can exist in authentic medications and each time you refill, you usually get a new batch or manufacturer, especially if the drug is generic. You may have already felt the effects.

In the US, there are roughly three drug recalls every day. One to two of those recalls each week pose significant and immediate danger of death or other serious injury.

  • > 50% of Americans on meds report having had a problem with their medications at a refill.
  • Harvard Medical School has shown batch-to-batch variability in epileptic medications is associated with a 2.3 times increased chance of getting a seizure.

So far, we have rejected over 10% of the batches we have tested due to issues with dosage, incorrect ingredients, improper dissolution (how a pill dissolves) or the presence of carcinogens. Amber Jessop, MSc Data Scientist

A World Class Laboratory

Valisure’s lab has ISO 17025 accreditation, is DEA and FDA registered and its staff is  directed by Harvard- and Yale-trained scientists who strive to bring consumers the utmost quality.

  • Proprietary laser-based analytical technology is patent pending and enables high precision analysis without adding cost to consumers.
  • Valisure samples and rigorously analyzes each and every batch of medications . Those that do not pass are not sold.

My full time job and that of my entire team is to do everything we can to help ensure that you and your family receive quality and consistent medications.Dr. Kaury Kucera, PhD Chief Scientific Officer

A Pharmacy You Can Trust

Valisure’s digital pharmacy enables you to easily purchase and refill certain medications and over-the-counter products. Sign up now to receive chemically batch-validated medications.

  • Transfer your prescription to ValisureRX or have your doctor call it in.
  • Receive medications and pharmacy products through the mail.

Exceptional customer service is my top priority for me and my staff. Our greatest passion is to provide you with impeccable patient care to the best of our ability. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and we are more than happy to help. Deanna Akinbajo, PharmD, MPHChief Pharmacist

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Read the instructions and any medication guide that came with your medicine, use the medicine as directed, and check with your health care provider if you have any questions about your medication and before changing your treatment in any way. The chart above contains results from an analytic chemistry analysis performed on a subset of pills from the same batch or lot as the pills provided to you. The subset was designed to be representative of the entire batch or lot. The specific pills you received were not analyzed and an analysis of your pills could yield different results. These results: (1) are not medical advice, (2) are not intended to be a statement, claim or indication of efficacy or suitability of the pills provided to you, (3) do not describe any particular characteristic (or lack of characteristic) beyond the specific metrics listed for the subset tested, and (4) make no claim or indication of the relative efficacy and/or suitability of your pills or the subset as compared with other subsets, batches, lots, brands, formulations, or treatments. VALISURE LLC DOES NOT MAKE, AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS, ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES WITH REGARD TO THESE RESULTS AS THEY RELATE TO THE PILLS PROVIDED TO YOU, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, WARRANTY OF PERFORMANCE, OR WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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