Valisure Studying Sun Care Product Contamination

Valisure is conducting a crowdsourced study of sun care products. The goal is to investigate the presence of potentially harmful contaminants in sun care products (cream, gel, aerosol spray, stick, pump spray, etc.).

For a limited time, individuals or organizations can submit a sample of sun care products to Valisure for testing by Valisure’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.  There is no cost for this analysis; however, analytical resources are limited and samples may be prioritized by Valisure. Testing is expected to be completed in 8-12 weeks and individual results will be emailed to you if available for your sample. 

More information on Valisure’s detection of benzene in sun care products here.

 Important information and restrictions:

  • All samples must be in the original packaging. Do not remove any sun care products from the original container.
  • No samples will be returned to you.
  • All submissions are subject to the terms of our Sun Care Analysis Service Agreement.
  • We cannot accept any products paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, or other government programs due to legal restrictions. 


  1. Fill in the form on this page. 
  2. Review and agree to the Sun Care  Analysis Services Agreement.  
  3. Properly pack the sun care product(s) according to carrier regulations.
  4. Mail the package to Valisure at the address provided in your confirmation email.