Valisure Testing


Valisure’s Certificate of Analysis

We value transparency and believe you should know more about your meds. Valisure’s analytics are summarized in an easy-to-understand certificate of analysis that is unique to every batch of every product we sell.

What We Test (And Don’t Test)

Valisure currently tests three of the most important properties of any medication: the active ingredient, the major inactive ingredients and roughly how they will all dissolve in your body.

Other pharmacies are supposed to visually inspect that a medication looks acceptable from the outside; Valisure chemically tests each batch of medication on the inside for these critical properties.

For a more detailed explanation of the tests in our Certificate of Analysis, click here.

There are other properties that Valisure doesn’t yet test, but plans to test in the future. There are other properties, however, that Valisure (or any high throughput lab) cannot reasonably test.


Analytical Test Currently Tested Future Testing Plan Can’t Reasonably Test
Identify Active Ingredient

Dosage Level

Identify Major Inactive Ingredients
Disintegration (pill comes apart)  
Dissolution (drug release time)  
Allergens (gluten, lactose, etc.)    
Heavy Metals (lead, arsenic, etc.)    
Microbial (bacteria, fungi)    
Common impurities    
Unknown or Rare Impurities*    
Efficacy and Side Effects**    


*Unknown or Rare Impurities: There are literally millions of different chemicals that could possibly be present as impurities in a medication. Analytical testing largely works by looking at chemicals (including impurities) you expect could be present. Trying to find rare or unknown chemicals can take a forensic lab months or years to do. This kind of testing is not something Valisure can reasonably do.

**Efficacy and Side Effects: Valisure doesn’t test how a drug works, just that it is the right medication, it has the right dosage and that it should release as intended. The efficacy and side effects of a drug are tested during clinical trials.