Welcome Practitioners! Get a free Welcome kit for your office.

Please fill out the below and we’ll send you a free Valisure welcome kit.  The kit includes RX reminder cards and samples of the unique quality assurance that comes with Valisure’s chemically validated generics.

Welcome Kit Contents

  • RX reminder cards – contains instructions for patients about how to use Valisure and your RX details
  • Certificate of Analysis – a sample of the quality assurance that comes with each prescription
  • Valisure tri-fold brochure – an overview of “the pharmacy that checks” for consumers and healthcare providers
  • Valisure’s blue bottle – a sample of the unique bottle with the Valisure quality seal

A New Type of Medications

Traditionally there have been only two primary options for most medication: brand or generic.
Valisure’s unique chemically validated generics come with the same low cost of generics but have a substantial improvement in quality assurance backed by a batch-specific certificate of analysis.

Report Bad Meds

Our laboratory regularly conducts on-market drug studies and hearing from you can help steer our efforts.