Excellence in Medication Matters

On average, the FDA-issues three drug recalls per day in the United States. Medication recalls are triggered by incorrect potency, contamination, defective product and more. Such recalls may potentially cause adverse health effects.

Quality Medication is Critical

When it comes to medication quality assurance checks, the FDA maintains the highest global standards. However, it is not possible for the FDA to verify and certify every batch of medication produced.  Additionally, 70 percent of drugs sold in the U.S. are imported from countries that maintain different standards for medication production.

Consumers deserve medication of utmost quality, safety, and efficacy in all prescription, non-prescription, and dietary supplements.  Proof-of-quality through ingredient verification and certification is of utmost importance.

Consistency Matters

Inconsistent levels of medications may have an adverse effect on health. Delivering reliable and therapeutic levels is a key component  in the treatment of medical conditions.  Verification of medication ingredients is necessary for efficacy. An analysis should include:

  • Dosage of active ingredients
  • Major inactive ingredients
  • Dissolution and disintegration
  • Drug release time

Consumers (You) have a right to consistent and quality batches of medications. An easy-to-understand certificate of analysis allows you to know what is in your medication and ensures that you get what you are prescribed.  Always consult with your doctor or pharmacist and follow your medication instructions as prescribed.

Get your medication from the Pharmacy that checks.

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