• Personalized Analytics & Validation.

    Valisure applies and develops cutting-edge analytical techniques to deliver critical results with unprecedented speed, accuracy and affordability. Our unique services are ideally suited to high value processes in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biotechnology fields.

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Speed. Accuracy. Affordability.

In contrast to traditional contract-labs that target high-throughput customers and charge substantial up-front development fees, Valisure focuses on applying its internally developed, high value analysis on specific needs that are applicable to a broad range of customers. This enables Valisure to offer thoroughly validated, precision analytical services at the fastest technically possible turnaround time while maintaining a low cost per sample regardless of quantity or frequency.

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Introducing Valisure

Valisure was founded in the Science Park at Yale by a team of Yale University alumni with backgrounds in chemistry, molecular biology, and statistics. Frustrated with the inadequacy of commercially available analytical services, Valisure’s founders began exploring a combination of traditional and novel analytical methods to develop robust assays focused on specific client needs that have broad applications.

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The Valisure lab is currently focused on customized client solutions.  If you are a current client or affiliate, please Login.  If you would like to learn more about how our rapid, cost-effective, high-precision analytical services can benefit your particular application, please Contact Us.