• Precision Validation & Assurance

    Valisure develops and applies novel technology based on laser-induced, quantum shift emissions to address the variability and quality problems that pervade many pharmaceutical products throughout the US. Valisure’s state-of-the-art system will enable consumers to receive medications that have all been pre-screened and validated, ensuring quality and consistency for patients.

Speed. Accuracy. Affordability.

Valisure has succeeded in matching the accuracy and precision of industry-standard methods such as HPLC, without sacrificing the speed and cost advantages of spectroscopy-based analysis.  This proprietary system offers an opportunity to revolutionize pharmaceutical quality-assurance.

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Introducing Valisure

Valisure was founded in the Science Park at Yale by a team of Yale University alumni with backgrounds in chemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology and statistics. Frustrated with the inadequacy of commercially available analytical capabilities, Valisure’s founders began exploring a combination of traditional and novel analytical methods to address growing concerns around medication quality.  Learn more about the team.

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