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Valisure chemically tests every batch of every medication and supplement that we sell, at no additional cost to you. COVID-19 update.

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Benefits of Valisure's Analytical Pharmacy

Chemically Certified

    80% of drug ingredients from China or India
     3 drug recalls per day
  100 recalls per year with risk of death

We’ve all had the experience of buying a bad batch of produce from a supermarket, but you can usually tell when food is bad by smell, taste or appearance. But a bad batch of meds tends to look, taste and smell exactly like a good one – only reliable way to tell is by chemical analysis and with a Valisure Certificate of Analysis (COA).

  • Proprietary laser-based technology
  • Analysis of dosage, ingredients and dissolution
  • ISO (International Standards Organization) 17025 accredited laboratory

Know More

Few industries in the US are as complex as the $500B US pharmaceutical industry. Valisure is working to increase transparency for consumers by:

  • providing a Certificate of Analysis with every order;
  • explaining what we do and do not test;
  • conducting consumer protection studies;
  • educating without adding to the complexity of the pharmaceutical industry.

Every Batch Tested

Quality can change significantly from one batch to the next and you get a new batch nearly every time you refill a medication. Harvard Medical School showed in a study on epileptic patients that refilling meds was correlated with a 2.3X increased chance of getting a siezure. Valisure doesn’t just check a drug one time, every single batch is sampled for rigorous testing.

  • Constant commitment to quality
  • No obligation to one manufacturer or source
  • Even if it costs Valisure more, quality comes first
  • Many batches fail our tests, you’ll never get them at Valisure
See how America's first Analytical Pharmacy works

See how America's first Analytical Pharmacy works

For Doctors

Your Patients Are Our Concern

Both patients and doctors benefit from Valisure’s commitment to quality, transparency and consistency. Learn more about potential benefits for practitioners by clicking below.

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