Valisure’s globally recognized, independent laboratory offers various paths to partner for quality and works with stakeholders throughout the healthcare industry. Though Valisure is open to exploring any engagement that centers around science-based product quality, below are categories of services that have been highly successful with clients.

Independent Product Certification

Independent product certification is the cornerstone on which Valisure was built and the driving force behind what keeps us tirelessly seeking to improve the products of our clients. This means developing standards that at times go beyond the current, often outdated benchmarks by continuously evolving our quality assurance testing.

Consultation & Diligence

We provide our clients with various consulting services from concept to completion by anticipating challenges and ensuring quality commitment. Our support ranges from guiding you through vendor validation to due diligence, selecting the proper analysis to conduct, and facilitating resolution if testing discrepancies arise, giving you confidence in your products and the tools to demonstrate their quality. 

Analytical Studies & Advocacy

The supply chain is complex, and with our broad capabilities for product testing, we are able to survey the market in both pharmaceutical and consumer products to give our clients unique insights into their own and competitive products. This requires the expertise of our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation and the understanding to know when and how to apply the methods accurately. With these insights, hand in hand with Valisure’s support, these can lead to publications, reporting, filings, etc. that underscore the public support and recommendations for industry-wide transparency.

Vendor Validation

Ensuring quality begins at a product’s origin. Through our rigorous vendor validation process, Valisure can assist industry partners in confirming that a supplier or manufacturer is of the highest quality standards. With transparency upfront, we seamlessly integrate into an organization’s selection process by bringing independent quality assurance and value.