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Valisure is a laboratory attached to an online pharmacy. We only dispense medications that come with a certificate of analysis, delivered to your door and at no additional cost.

Benefits of Valisure's Analytical Pharmacy

Chemically Validated

– Roughly 80% of ingredients in U.S. medications are made in India or China
– Approximately 3 drug recalls a day in the U.S.

We’ve all had the experience of buying a bad batch of produce from a supermarket, but you can usually tell when food is bad by smell, taste or appearance. But a bad batch of meds tends to look, taste and smell exactly like a good one – the only reliable way to tell is by chemical analysis.

  • Proprietary laser-based technology
  • Analysis of dosage, ingredients and dissolution
  • Team of Harvard- and Yale-trained scientists
  • ISO (International Standards Organization) 17025 accredited laboratory

Know More

Few industries in the US are as complicated and opaque as healthcare.  The $500B US pharmacy industry is the only consumer market that has been immune from strong consumer demands for transparency but Valisure is working to change that.

  • Certificate of Analysis with every order
  • Will always explain what we do, and don’t, test
  • Ongoing consumer protection studies
  • Healthcare and pharma is complex! We try to educate, not complicate

Every Batch Tested

Quality can change significantly from one batch to the next and you get a new batch nearly every time you refill a medication. Harvard Medical School showed in a study on epileptic patients that refilling meds was correlated with a 2.3X increased chance of getting a siezure. Valisure doesn’t just check a drug one time, every single batch is sampled for rigorous testing.

  • Constant commitment to quality
  • No obligation to one manufacturer or source
  • Even if it costs Valisure more, quality comes first
  • Many batches fail our tests, you’ll never get them at Valisure
How it Works

How it Works

See how America's first Analytical Pharmacy works.

Our Story

Friends since their Yale days

Founders Adam Clark-Joseph and David Light reconnected after Adam suffered serious complications caused by batch variability of his anticonvulsant medication. Upon further research, they began to grasp the magnitude and pervasiveness of the problem throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Adam and David brought together a team of like-minded scientists and pharmacy experts to develop and deploy a solution. The result was Valisure, a company dedicated to preventing anyone from suffering adverse effects from low quality medications.

Report Bad Meds

Report a Bad Medication Experience

Have you ever had the feeling that your regular medication wasn't working as it should? Tell us about your experience with a bad medication. Sharing your story will help us better focus our research and development efforts on medications you care about most.

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