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Valisure, an independent laboratory and Partner For Quality, is paving the way for increased transparency and quality assurance throughout the healthcare industry.


In most consumer markets, independent measures of quality are available to help differentiate brands and offer independent quality assurance to purchasers. However, in pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products, this largely doesn’t exist, and that’s what Valisure is working to change.

Regulators, like the FDA, consistently inspect facilities and require that manufacturers perform routine testing of their products according to Good Manufacturing Practices ("GMP"). However, very rarely are products sampled and tested by regulatory agencies. GMP testing is very brand-specific, often leading to dozens of methods for a single type of product, but independent testing follows scientific principles that apply broadly and can screen many different products with a single method.

Valisure’s independent testing, accredited to International Organization for Standardization (“ISO/IEC 17025:2017”) standards, has been uniquely developed to effectively screen through thousands of products and has already made a global impact.

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Valisure began by employing independent testing at the end of the supply chain with our own pharmacy that only dispensed products that were batch-tested by our laboratory. In 2021, we sold our pharmacy subsidiary to a pharmacy chain. Valisure continues to expand our quality assurance offerings to other pharmacies, health systems, large purchasers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and stakeholders throughout the supply chain.

Valisure offers a variety of services that leverage its unique capabilities and globally-recognized leadership in independent quality assurance, including product certification, supplier validation, advocacy programs, consulting, specialty projects, and more. These services include product certification, supplier validation, advocacy programs, consulting, and more.

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