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Independent Quality Assurance

Valisure’s mission is to independently check the chemical composition of medications before they reach consumers. Working with stakeholders throughout healthcare and the pharma supply chain, we deliver enhanced quality assurance to your patients and networks.

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Benefits of Valisure's Independent Chemical Analysis

Chemically Certified

Independent chemical analysis guided by global regulatory standards and academic researchProprietary and established technologies optimized for high-throughput medical analysis
Accredited by the International Organization
for Standardization (ISO)

 In the United States, there are roughly four drug recalls a day and about 80% of our drugs are manufactured overseas. Valisure is the industry leader in proactively identifying pervasive drug quality problems and helps protect patients and partners from these issues.



Growing Awareness

When a patient or any purchaser is looking to buy a medication, the only information available is price and availability. Unlike every other consumer market, there is no transparency on drug quality and Valisure is working to change that. Valisure delivers visible quality assurance by certifying products and by broadly analyzing  product categories through globally impactful studies. By directly petitioning the FDA, Valisure has triggered recalls in the United States and throughout the world. Through product certification and making broad drug quality data available in Valisure’s Drug Quality Index™, we strive to bring much needed transparency to the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Certificate of Analysis with every product
  • Ongoing consumer protection studies
  • Globally impactful data derived from independent chemical testing

Every Lot Tested

Drug quality can change significantly from one batch to the next as has been repeatedly demonstrated by the scattered nature of drugs contaminated with carcinogens, like valsartan and metformin. Valisure has created a new category of medications, “Certified Drugs,” that are independently chemically analyzed at the batch level and certified before being sold to a patient, pharmacy, wholesaler, or health care system. With approximately 80% of the ingredients in medications in the U.S. coming from overseas, this added layer of quality assurance helps to identify issues in drug products before they reach the consumer and differentiate products with a visible commitment to quality.

  • Batch-testing already integrated at wholesale and manufacturer levels
  • Analyses optimized for efficiency with 24-48hr turnaround times
  • Product certificates contain individual lot numbers

Independent Quality Assurance

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Our ISO 17025 certified lab and our business team are ready to help healthcare industry organizations optimize their approach to pharmaceutical quality.

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